Designer Domains: What A Professional Web Address Says About Your Site

Designer Domains

Business owners across Australia know the importance of their digital profile. From their website to SEO, social media and web design, there are many elements that go into securing a solid online reputation. One of such elements is your domain name.

But why? After all, it’s just an address that people enter to reach your site, right? Yes, and that’s exactly why it has to be stylishly succinct, and one that users have little trouble entering into the search bar.

Considering this, here are four things a professional web address says about your site:

That you take your business seriously

Stylish business domain names show your audience that you love what you do and that you take your brand seriously. After all, can you imagine visiting a website with a clunky web address full of letters, numbers and symbols? You would be concerned about what lies beyond the web address and that maybe you are being beckoned to some kind of scam website.

As such, the first and most important thing is to ensure that you have chosen an elegant and enjoyable web address. Your customers will see it and immediately have the connotation that you run a serious business with a product or service you can deliver without fail.

Naturally, this is one of the most important steps towards making conversions, so show your customers that you’re there to provide what they are after!

That you simplify your service

When it comes to domain names and your Microsoft 365 business email, you want to make it as simple-yet-brandable as possible. For example, with Microsoft 365 business email, you can actually choose to have a specialised brand name email that reads like “[email protected]” as opposed to generic addresses that end in “” or “”.

These email addresses (coupled with a stylish domain name) not only look far more professional, but they show your audience that you are simplifying your service and making it easy for them to contact you and visit your website. Because, in the digital era, you can easily communicate with your audience across numerous channels – it should be as easy as possible to do so.

That you want it to make it easy for customers to visit

You don’t want your audience thinking you’re playing some kind of cruel joke on them. Unfortunately, they will likely think that if your web address reads something like “www.12tomstomatosauce-365%$.com”. You want to make it easy for your audience to visit your website. This includes ensuring that they can easily-remember your web address if they learn it through word of mouth.

For example, you run a furniture company called “Simply Sofas”. All you have to do is check the online registrar to find out if a simple-yet-effective web address like “” is available. If so, it will be yours to keep, and will become an effective part of your marketing strategy!

That you care about your SEO

Having an easily-memorable domain name ensures that more customers will visit your website. Not only is this perfect for securing more conversions but it will also have a positive effect on your SEO, and why? For two reasons, the first being that search engines like Google favour websites that have a high volume of user traffic.

Secondly, if you have a web address that is highly-relatable to your website’s content, search engines will easily index your site and this, once again, can be a massive positive for your digital campaign!

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