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Keeping your interior style traditional but fresh

Keeping your interior style traditional but fresh

There are numerous advantages to basing your interior design on a traditional look. For one, traditional never really goes out of fashion (after all, simple, classic designs rarely reach classic status without good reason – chances are, they work). This means that you don’t have to go to the expense and hassle of updating your interior style as often as you would perhaps if you opted for the latest trends, which rarely stay trendy for long.

Moreover, because traditionally styled furniture and accessories are always in style, you will always find a plethora of choice on the market, with options and variations to suit every budget. This is not only kind on the purse but also makes items easy to replace if something gets damaged or if you fancy an upgrade, sticking to the same theme. A win-win!

Having said this, however, there is no reason your traditionally designed home needn’t also be contemporary and fresh. Traditional needn’t mean stuck in the dark ages! By following a few simple tips you can keep your traditional theme fresh and relevant.

Avoid fuss

Nothing dates wallpaper or furnishings more than a pattern or strong use of colour that dates it to a particular, long repressed decade of style. Avoid falling in to this trap by choosing pieces with a more neutral appeal, or keeping to classic styles and patterns that have always been in style, for an elegant, timeless look. Choose pieces that can be painted or easily adapted when needed, such as going for a modern colour or reupholstering in fabric with a more forgiving, contemporary print. Again, this ‘upcylcling’ is also environmentally friendly and will save on the cash!

Keep it light

Contemporary interior style is all about making the most of space and light, avoiding darkness and excess of clutter. Keep to this theme by choosing classic styles in light, contemporary colours, to maximize the feeling of space and light. Classic paneled doors are a brilliant example. These will look great in any setting and white and oak options will always look fresh. A 6 panel oak door will reproduce well throughout the home, for a traditional look that is warm and light, lending more freshness than the same option in a darker wood. Learn more about how classic styles in light, contemporary colours, and 6-panel oak doors can transform your home at AllHomeDecors.com.

When buying new interior doors, consider classic options with full or partial glazing; this will allow natural daylight to transcend through the home, lending a contemporary open plan feel and avoiding a dark, closed atmosphere that can date a home.

Think Vintage

This is surprisingly relevant at the moment! Little finishing touches make all the difference to interior design and vintage style homewares are all the rage. Vintage accessories – authentic or sympathetic to this theme — will fit in perfectly with a traditionally styled home, and carry an ironic modern freshness at the moment. The advantage of going for these is that they can be easily updated when further freshness is required. For more details and a guide on the interior design of homes and offices, follow homesmoving.org.

In short, a good traditional base will always allow you to update and adapt with minimal effort and fuss.

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