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Maintaining Tips for Bathroom Cabinet

Maintaining Tips for Bathroom Cabinet

The maintenance of cabinet door plate

Avoid exposing the door plate under sunlight. Heat source, power source and water should be avoided.

Do not contact organic solvent like gasoline, benzol and acetone.

Clean the door plate with cotton cloth. Carving seam should be cleaned by brush.

Solid wood door plate is better to be cleaned with furniture wax.

Clean and wax the solid wood cabinet every 15 days to maintain its colour and luster.

Keep the countertop dry. Water may cause deformation of door plate.

Avoid opening and closing the cabinet door fiercely.

The maintenance of cabinet body

Heavy items should be placed in the floor cabinet to avoid stress deformation of baseplate and make sure the safety when storing and taking items. Movable laminate can adjust the height. The shelf support should be placed in the right place. Light items are suit to be put in the hanging cabinet, such as shampoo, bath cream, dry towel, toilet paper.

The wall for installing wall-mounted cabinet and hanging cabinet should be solid enough to support them. Customer should follow the advice of designers to strengthen the wall when it does not satisfy the installation condition.

Open the cabinet 15 to 20 days before using and providing good ventilation condition to remove the residual smell.

Do not dismantle or refit the cabinet without the guide of professionals.

Avoid scratching and grind the cabinet surface with sharp items. Do not lever the metal decorative material on the cabinet surface.

Do not clean the cabinet with sharp material like steel wool and corrosive liquid.

Do not incise,pull the bumper strip. It may affect the effect of preventing dust, bumping and cockroach and shorten the cabinet service life.

Avoid exposing cabinet under sunlight in long term for it will cause fading.

Keep the sewer clear and prevent clogging. Ask professionals for help when the sewer is blocked.

Keep the joint of basin and countertop dry.

Pay attention to the service life of soft pipe and sealing material and replace them timely.

Keep the wash basin cabinet dry, avoid it been corrode by humidity. Check whether the sewer of basin and faucet is leaking. Fixing the problem timely can prolong the service life of it. Clean the cabinet with rag and detergent and do not wash the cabinet directly with water.

The maintenance of countertop

Do not putting high temperature items directly on the countertop. Thermal insulation material like bracket with rubber feet, insulation mat can be used under the high temperature items to protect the cabinet.

The maintenance of mirror

Do not move and dismantle the bathroom mirror once it is installed. Avoid striking the mirror for the fragment will hurt people. Floor type mirror can be moved, but it is better to be finished with several people and the installation angle should be the same with the angle before moving. Do not allow kids close alone or push and pull the mirror. Adjust and repair the accessories timely to prevent accident caused by falling off.

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