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Living Room Color Trends

Living Room Color Trends

Buying all new furniture and fixtures for your living room aren’t the only ways to give it an updated look. Changing your living room’s color scheme with new wall colors, flooring, and just a few tweaks to the room’s furnishings can transform its look and style.

Vintage Glamor

Small changes to the color patterns of your living room can transform it into having the look and feel of a room straight out of Old Hollywood. Statement pieces like chandeliers, mirrored tables, or a large, velvet couch can all add vintage style to your living room.

A mix of dark colors and metallics is the key to designing a living room with a vintage look. Dark wallpaper with some metallic texture or pattern is another way to give your living room a decadent, vintage appearance. Other ways to inject this color scheme into your living room are to use a dark area rug with metallic weave, or a wall mirror with a dark or gilded frame. Also, having a mirror or mirrored piece of furniture can be functional as well as stylish – mirrors enhance the appearance of a room to make it seem larger than it actually is.

New Neutrals

Neutral colors could be seen as a dull choice for living room walls and furnishings, but when they are done right they can be both relaxing and inviting. It’s always important to have at least some splashes of color, though, even in a living room that is mostly neutral. Neutral walls and carpeting are a great choice for your living room if you have colorful artwork or furniture in the room. This idea goes both ways; if you have brightly-colored walls or flooring in your living room, neutral furniture is a good decorating choice. Red or green accessories and accent walls will bring life to a neutral-heavy living room.

Young & Fun

Fun, bold colors and fixtures can make your living room a great place to socialize and kick back after work. Patterned carpets or wallpapers could be a youthful update to your living room. For some extra interactive fun in your living room, make one of your walls a chalkboard wall for kids and guests to draw on. Bright leather couches and chairs will give your living room a playful feel, especially if you add rec-room features such as a pool or foosball table.

These three color scheme styles are easy to achieve, on-trend, and can be applied to all sorts of living rooms.

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