Technology – Make The Most Of Your Viewing

Technology – Make The Most Of Your Viewing

With ever bigger screens, high definition displays and 3D content, choosing how to watch films and TV shows at home now offers more options than ever before.Of course, the move towards smart TV sets brings more potential content to the table via the internet, as well as giving new and innovative ways in which we can interact and control what’s going on.In order to make the most of what’s available there’s a few bits of kit that can be essential to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Television sets themselves are almost unrecognisable from those of only 15 or so years ago. The introduction of plasma and LCD screens in the 90 showed the way that things would develop but today’s high contrast LED displays with high definition resolution capabilities outplay anything that was on offer back then.

Here you can check out the latest generations of LED televisions and find out exactly what a modern set can do.


It seems obvious to say it but no matter how impressive a screen you have there is little point in going for the biggest and best if the content you put into it isn’t up to scratch. Most people today enjoy high definition broadcasts from the major channels but for many a lot of the enjoyment comes from programming your own viewing.

Many of us have built up treasured DVD collections over the years and having a decent player is likely to remain essential for many years to come. Toshiba have some great examples of fully featured machines that do everything you need and more to make sure you enjoy watching your own personal DVD archive.


It is the way of the world that even the most forward looking technologies at some point find a newer, younger cousin creeps up on them and tries to do a better job. In the case of blu-ray players it really all comes down to storage capacity.

Although the amount of data that can be stored on a DVD blew CDs out of the water and allowed for the emergence of the ‘box set’ as a viewing habit all of its own, the demands of higher resolutions meant that data capacities needed to be increased even more.

That’s why blu-ray players are now favourite features of many homes. Toshiba UK is a great place to look for one of the latest models to make sure that you don’t get left behind when it comes to making the most of your home viewing experience.

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