Offline Marketing Declines as Digital Takes Over

Offline Marketing Declines as Digital Takes Over

In 2012, there was a shift in marketing power as digital marketing and social media increased, as offline marketing decreased. For those who are looking to get their brand out to the masses, this means adapt or be left behind. As technology evolves, businesses, marketing, and any brand wanting to reach the majority of consumers will also need to evolve.

For 2013, marketing dollars will be shifted to increase digital marketing budgets and less spending will be left for traditional offline strategies such as TV spots, radio and print. The digital boom is not only affecting advertising, printed content are also feeling the effects. Newsweek has already accepted the trend and has moved to a digital only format, eliminating its print altogether. So what does this mean for those looking to market their brands?

Content Marketing Will Increase

Many marketing firms have already discovered the power of content marketing and how affective it can be when done properly. However, in-house marketing teams for many companies have yet to tap this resource. In 2013, this is expected to change as online presence is more important than blasting printed ads in newspapers and magazines.

This change is creating a need for quality content for both marketing firms and big business as a necessary form of communication. The increase in budgeting for online content in 2012 was nearly 40%. In 2013 this trend is expected to grow, especially as more printed publications concentrate on digital methods of delivery.

Mobile Devices Continue to Deliver

With the increase in sales of smartphones and tablets, as well as lower cost 4G networks and free WiFi hotspots, we will continue to see an increase in mobile content viewing. From web searches, apps, and even digital video viewing, more consumers are utilizing their mobile devices to view online content and get the information on products and services they need.

This growing trend will result in an increase of website driven communication, app-based marketing, and responsive web design to allow mobile users to access what they want quickly and efficiently. In our busy society mobile marketing and communication is now a necessity rather than the luxury it once was.

Social Media Continues to Grow

In 2012, there was a large percentage of companies turning to social media as a form of customer communication. In 2013 this will only grow. As more companies learn to navigate and utilize social media as a marketing platform, more budgeting will turn toward using this technology. One use for social media that will increase in the next year will be in cross-channel campaigns that will use online social networks to increase offline marketing strategies such as trade shows and networking events.

Along with an increase in online marketing and communication, more targeted marketing will grow. Internet radio will start featuring ads based on the type of music being listened to as well as web searches performed by the subscriber. Geo-targeting will increase and become more precise as well as augmented reality advertising as the technology has increased. The move in marketing from offline to digital will ring in more low cost options for marketers and businesses. Those who will make the changes needed to communicate with consumers will push forward as though keeping with tradition will find it hard to compete.

Kylie Cowles writes full-time for education blogs nationwide. Several schools offer online programs in communication and marketing, including University of Southern California and Northwestern University.

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