Technology Initiatives Are Must For Self Storage Companies

Technology Initiatives Are Must For Self Storage Companies

Market reviews after the recent financial crises assessed self storage business to be less vulnerable to economic downturn. Self storage business appears to be in a far better shape than any other sector. It is also predicted that this segment of market is expected to perform well and improve further.

With self storage business acquiring good position in the market it is time to take a look at the processes used to run this business. The normal processes that are already in use are moving with time, but as they say, moving with time makes you stagnant. To avoid this stagnancy you need to move ahead of time and for that you need to get in touch with all the new technical advancements.

Do you have remote access for your business? Are you following best techniques to serve your customers? What is your take on social media marketing? If your response to all these questions is less positive then it’s high time to take technology related initiatives to run this business effectively. Let’s review quite a few of them:

1. Cloud computing: With every passing decade there has been advancement in the level of technology. It defiantly revolutionizes the way we carry out our business. Earlier there were computers, then came smart phones and computing software and now cloud computing has dominated this generation. Online banking sites and online email services are common examples of cloud computing. In storage this facility allows you to keep a check on accounting information of any self storage business, provided you have the internet connection.

2. Website: Now a day more money is being spent on online advertising than offline advertising (print media or newspaper). So this clearly depicts that the trend is heading towards online presence. Creating a good, easy to access website for your customers is the need of the hour. While creating a website keep in mind that most of your customers are mobile users, so don’t forget to create a mobile version of your website.

3. Social media: This marketing tool is on the top of the list for almost every business. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn are among the main social media platforms. Though there is no direct way of getting potential customers from this platform, yet you can always increase your social presence and get noticed.

Online presence gives you endless possibilities to be in regular touch with your customers. You can keep your customers and followers updated by posting interesting articles, videos or community events. Try to interact with your followers and assure them that their belongings are in safe hands. Services like self storage London have been doing a fabulous job in this regards.

4. Good Management: Technology now allows us to generate great revenues and keep a track on expenses. If your facility has hundred percent occupancy rates and still you are not raising rents, you are definitely losing money. To avoid such loss you can consider using self storage management software by which you can program automatic rent increases. It is up to you that you want rent increase on annual basis or after 6 months. But as everything from utility services to service tax increases annually, so it’ll be better to increase rent rates on annual basis.

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