Telecom Towers Maintenance

Telecom Towers Maintenance

When you’re managing a telecoms network you need to be prepared to roll out a network that’s easy to maintain, and one of the key areas to focus on is infrastructure. Without the right level of support your network is likely to be down more often that it is up. That means choosing a supplier with experience in all areas of telecom tower development. They are able to handle the entire maintenance contract on your behalf at a significantly lower cost than might otherwise be possible.

Types of Telecom Tower

Your telecom tower supplier should be able to provide the entire range of options below and support them post-installation:

  • Monopoles. These are simple single filament towers which can be placed on buildings or other fixed infrastructure to provide support for your equipment in urban environments. They can support heavy loads or be used for multiple purposes. They’re excellent for flag poles too.
  • Self-supporting towers. When there’s no infrastructure to take advantage of you’ll want to invest in a self-supporting solution. That means either square or triangle based towers which can be scaled to height on site. They are capable of carrying the heaviest loads and may be reinforced to resist even the heaviest weather conditions.
  • Mobile towers. In some instances you’ll need to rapidly deploy a temporary tower. For example if a tower has been damaged on the network or for an unforeseen event where emergency services need support. A specially adapted vehicle that can be driven into place and come online within 2 hours is the perfect choice for this.
  • Rapid deployment. When you need a permanent telecom tower in a hurry it’s not cost-effective to use a mobile tower. Rapid deployment of new assets can ensure that you’re getting the best value from your infrastructure investment.
  • Bespoke solutions. There are times when no off-the-shelf solution will do. Engineering problems require experienced providers to give you engineering solutions. Your tower provider must be able to demonstrate a track record of overcoming situational adversity so you can depend on getting the job done properly when you need to.
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