The New Microsoft Touch Mouse

The New Microsoft Touch Mouse

A new Microsoft Touch Mouse has been invented and presented by Microsoft conjugating along with most recent features. It is the most latest bring up to date of the Microsoft’s wireless mouse series. If you want to find out if it provides something new to the wireless USB mouse community or whether you should depart out this Touch mouse for interface concerns, then just study on.

Microsoft Touch Mouse Features

This Microsoft Touch Mouse has a slot for two batteries at the bottom along with an optical sensor and a fine small compartment for the USB dongle. After looking at it you are into a belief or you assume that it is just like Microsoft Arc mice of the previous generation or Apple’s magic mouse.

Microsoft Touch Mouse, on the other hand, has a smooth textured surface which acts as the touch sensitive interface, and that brings to the user, the Apple Co. like multi-touch programs. This mouse is bulky and tiring and also not as smooth and shiny as the latest Arc mouse. The mouse is, nevertheless, uncomplicated and has a very exciting USB connection. Although being small it fits well in the socket at the base of the mouse.

The Package

The Microsoft Touch Mouse has a rather comes in a little hulking box. You will find inside the contents of the package, mouse with a USB dongle, 2 x batteries and the manual.


As far as its execution is concerned, the proprietary Blue Track laser sensor / probe guarantees that the Microsoft Touch Mouse flows well on all materials and due to this innovation it gives the mouse a really remarkable performance which is instant and correct.

The Microsoft Touch Mouse has really awesome actions that can help the user divided up windows, search, and expose the desktop with a little run of hands and fingers but it also has a little flaw; the device is only well-matched with Windows 7.

On the whole

The good parts of the  Microsoft Touch Mouse are its optical sensor, good multi–touch interface and the plug and play ready arrangement and to top of it all, it is also durable.

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